Book Review: Every Breath

I have read all of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, watched BBC’s Sherlock and am currently watching Elementary for no other reason than that it is about Sherlock. Also, a movie with Tony Stark no wait, … Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock. So, it’s pretty safe to say I love Sherlock in general. And by love I mean borderline obsessed with. So, I come across this book and I was like where have you been my entire life??? As soon as I read the part about the description about Mycroft’s hair I was so freaking sure I would love this book. This was exactly the shit I was craving for. All the descriptions and feels and everything. I am not even sure I can give an accurate review of this book. I was just so happy and excited about reading this. Fangirling all over the place.


Book Review: Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

This book is just soo good. Simon is such a fun character and he is so relatable. It was just so nice reading from his point of view. There are lots of other characters that I had to keep track of, and except for Martin, no one else is a hot effing mess. I really liked the fact that both families were absolutely cool with their son coming out.  I just felt so good and I loved how supporting they are of him. Of course, there are tons of moments of his internal dilemma of Simon before telling his family and friends.

Crazy Plot Twists

Plot twists can only go two ways. Either they can resolve a conflict or they cause even more conflict. Here is my list of plot twists I did not see coming AT ALL among the books that I read recently.

Book Review: Property of a Noblewoman

Plot synopsis: The story begins with a safety deposit box on the Metropolitan Bank. The safety box in question belonged to Marguerite Wallace Pearson di San Pignelli. As per routine, the contents of the box need to be checked and auctioned off because there was no will present. Jane Willoughby, an intern at the surrogate’s court and Phillip Lawton, a fine arts expert for Christie auction house both meet during the process. The contents of the safe-deposit box take everyone by surprise. Tons of Faded photographs of Marguerite that shows her life history, with bright eyes and sad smiles. Old letters and breathtaking collection of magnificent jewelry and stones.

Everything Leads To You- Nina LaCour

The surprising thing was that I got so much FEELS from this book and they were loud and strong emotions. There was barely any romantic moments only times when I wished there were because Emi just thought of the beautiful lines in her head but never said them aloud, it was as if she was waiting for something to happen. Boy, did she wait for a hell of a long time.

By Your Side- Kasie West

I intend to keep this review free of spoilers. Do I know the problem of accidentally stumbling upon a spoiler. I actually dived right into the story as soon as I learned that it was about a girl and a boy being locked in a library. Who wouldn’t? That would be like a dream come true. Even if I was alone in a library. Of course, I would be a tiny bit worried, exactly like Autumn got worried.

Book Review: Everything Everything

Like its cover, the story is also vibrant and rich. It is a debut young adult romance book featuring Madeline and Ollie by Nicola Yoon. The book comes with illustrations by David Yoon with Madeline’s diary entries, IMs, emails, doodles and lots of fun stuff. Their story was doomed from the beginning-but as Madeline’s heart filled with hope I could not help but feel hopeful too. The thing is even when I was reading the lines I knew exactly what was going to happen and it did happen.

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