Thoughts While Reading: Love and Other Foreign Words

Okay, so I am pretty much sold to the blurb. This is going to be awesome. Also, ‘I now pronounce you someone else’ was pretty good. Let's get reading… Okay, so Josie is literally a genius… Oh! I like this, whole different language thing. This is cool. She has nice friends…Sophie seems kind 😀 Stu… I like Stu, wait…there is nothing there? So they are not related… ahem … cough… but nothing there. Oh! So you disapprove of the Geoff! Same! he seems kind of a knows it all. Oh good, I hate him too. Oh, he is probably nervous as hell and trying to find common ground with you guys! What the hell Josie, give the guy a freaking chance! Are you kidding me?


Curse of The Sphinx by Raye Wagner

The blurb for this book on Goodreads was the perfect trap for me. REALLY? Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan? Count me the hell in !! Greek gods, monsters, demigods, action, and romance?? Hell yes… Worldbuilding & writing: Probably because I was accustomed to Rick Riordan’s books, I slipped right into this world quite easily. It is set in our world but with the mix of Greek mythology. But in this one, demigods might be the bad guys. The beginning was brilliant. It starts out from the point of view of Athan, son of Hermes with his dad, in the underworld. The way it started I was absolutely hooked in. This is how the first line went- “The dead they escorted always cried.” The rest of the books focuses on the mundane world, with Hope going to a high school.

DIY Paper Clip BookMark

DIY: Paper Clip Bookmark Being a reader, I feel like its my job to hoard bookmarks. I have tons of them, most of them I made myself. Even still, when I desperately need one, I can not find a single one and end up using whatever object I find near me. However, that does not stop me from making more bookmarks! I have prepared an easy tutorial to create a simple paper clip bookmark. Things you will need: Paper clip Cardboard Acrylic paint Scissors Masking tape/ other type of tape/ strong glue

Book Review: Soundless by Richelle Mead

Truth be told, I was mostly drawn to the novel by its cover. Look at that defiant and fierce expression in the girl’s face. The world building could have been better. Sometimes it felt like too much information at once, but it was kind of expected from this small a book. It was barely 300 pages long. I admit it was very fast paced. The characters do travel to many places and I would have loved to read more about all that Chinese folklore based world building. Overall, I thought this book was refreshing and awesome. It only rarely happens that a standalone fantasy books leaves you as satisfied as a long ass series. This book was that. It is just written beautifully.

September Quote of the month

More like September quoteS of the month. Katy from the Lux series was such a relateable character. Her love of books was so great to read about which occured in various outbrusts throughout the book. Also, she had a book blog, which I did not have at the time I was reading the book, still it sounded so cool. The entire series was so awesome! 😀 So, I compiled a list of lines/ quotes from her that took #relateable to the next level for me. 😀 “I was always able to lose myself in reading. Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirst.” ― Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsidian

Book Review: Every Breath

I have read all of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, watched BBC’s Sherlock and am currently watching Elementary for no other reason than that it is about Sherlock. Also, a movie with Tony Stark no wait, … Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock. So, it’s pretty safe to say I love Sherlock in general. And by love I mean borderline obsessed with. So, I come across this book and I was like where have you been my entire life??? As soon as I read the part about the description about Mycroft’s hair I was so freaking sure I would love this book. This was exactly the shit I was craving for. All the descriptions and feels and everything. I am not even sure I can give an accurate review of this book. I was just so happy and excited about reading this. Fangirling all over the place.