Thoughts While Reading: Love and Other Foreign Words

Okay, so I am pretty much sold to the blurb. This is going to be awesome. Also, ‘I now pronounce you someone else’ was pretty good. Let's get reading… Okay, so Josie is literally a genius… Oh! I like this, whole different language thing. This is cool. She has nice friends…Sophie seems kind 😀 Stu… I like Stu, wait…there is nothing there? So they are not related… ahem … cough… but nothing there. Oh! So you disapprove of the Geoff! Same! he seems kind of a knows it all. Oh good, I hate him too. Oh, he is probably nervous as hell and trying to find common ground with you guys! What the hell Josie, give the guy a freaking chance! Are you kidding me?


August Overview + September TBR

August has been a very good month in terms of reading books. I actually read most of the books on my TBR. Cause most of the times I just read completely random books and just keep increasing my TBR. However, I did stick to my TBR this time. AND OH MY GOD, I kind of maybe found a favorite series. The Every series by Ellie Marney. It is kind of a spinoff of Sherlock.

July Overview + August TBR

Here is an overview for the month of July and my TBR for August. From the beginning of July, I had accepted that I would not be reading a lot of books this month, taking into account that I had my midterms from 10th to 18th. And foolish me, I had decided to do the Hobonichi Challenge for July. My brain was probably on overdrive trying to balance out my priorities. I mostly just randomly browse books and pick something that sounds interesting or looks glorious. TBR lists intimidate me, to be honest.  Nevertheless, this time I am going to make a specific TBR list for August. I hope that this will be a productive month in terms of reading books! 😀

5 Things I Learned From Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s works are perhaps, my favorite among the classics genre. I loved reading all of her six published works. Persuasion is my favorite closely followed by Pride and Prejudice. I love diving into her world of courtships, dances and balls and the times, which I can only read about now. Her work have a pretty-wicked sense of wit and humor that just suit my taste.