Thoughts While Reading: Love and Other Foreign Words

Okay, so I am pretty much sold to the blurb. This is going to be awesome. Also, ‘I now pronounce you someone else’ was pretty good. Let's get reading… Okay, so Josie is literally a genius… Oh! I like this, whole different language thing. This is cool. She has nice friends…Sophie seems kind 😀 Stu… I like Stu, wait…there is nothing there? So they are not related… ahem … cough… but nothing there. Oh! So you disapprove of the Geoff! Same! he seems kind of a knows it all. Oh good, I hate him too. Oh, he is probably nervous as hell and trying to find common ground with you guys! What the hell Josie, give the guy a freaking chance! Are you kidding me?


July Overview + August TBR

Here is an overview for the month of July and my TBR for August. From the beginning of July, I had accepted that I would not be reading a lot of books this month, taking into account that I had my midterms from 10th to 18th. And foolish me, I had decided to do the Hobonichi Challenge for July. My brain was probably on overdrive trying to balance out my priorities. I mostly just randomly browse books and pick something that sounds interesting or looks glorious. TBR lists intimidate me, to be honest.  Nevertheless, this time I am going to make a specific TBR list for August. I hope that this will be a productive month in terms of reading books! 😀

Thanks Rizzoli and Isles (Book Series)

Rizzoli and Isles is a crime fiction/ thriller series with eleven published book and two short stories to this date by author Tess Gerritsen. These books feature Boston Police Department's Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles. I got to read this series almost like a read-a-thon, so by the time I was thinking of reviewing them in detail I was halfway through the series. So here is a thank you letter to the entire series.