Book Review: Untold, The Lynburn Legacy#2

Since the last book ended on quite a cliffhanger, I was extremely motivated to read this book. It was very hard for me to accept that the link between Jared and Kami was broken. Imagine how hard it must have been for the characters themselves to accept that. Usually, I hate it when love triangle dramas and romance takes over the precedence of the book but this book is sorcery. I was somehow, more hooked on it because of all that. I loved it. It has humor, it has sass, it made me want to get inside the book and knock some sense into Jared. I felt like the story was being dragged a bit. Rob and his evil team threatened Kami and gave some kind of a deadline for battle. Kami and her team begin preparing for the said battle with Lillian with occasional fights in between. And, the anticipated “battle” was very underwhelming. Still, for a middle book, the drag was expected. The characters and the writing were what me going most of the time.


Book Review: Unspoken, The Lynburn Legacy#1

I only have good things to say about this book. The writing is beautiful with total creepy mysterious vibes and witty characters. It had me laughing aloud at times. The concept of Jared and Kami hearing each other’s voice is explained brilliantly. I thought it would be all rainbows and unicorns but there were storms and rain. Kami and Jared have been talking to each other since they were born, literally. So, it would be natural that they would be each other’s best friend or support system. I know it would have been a total cliché if they had automatically started going out after meeting each other in real life. Which, it did not happen, but God, I wished it had. They are soooo meant to be together, but both of them are so afraid of messing it all up because their “connection” is the most valuable thing to both of them. She tries her best to run away from the possibility of their being together. Jared too is confused and afraid.

November Quote of the Month

“He told me the story of the butterfly emerging from the hard pupa. Its life begins as an “ugly” caterpillar. When the time is right, it forms a pupa and retreats behind its hard walls. Within its shell, it transforms into a butterfly, unseen, unheard. When ready, it uses its tiny, sharp claws at the … Continue reading November Quote of the Month

Book Review: Scion of Ikshvaku

My friend had recommended the Shiva trilogy to me, but I was a bit hesitant to read it. I thought it would be repetitive. I knew about the original myths and legends from stories that my mother used to tell me. Sure, it was great reading about Greek and Roman mythologies from Rick Riordan’s books and from Raye Wagner but this time, it would be legends and myths I was familiar with. Since both series ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ and ‘Ram Chandra Series’ by Amish Tripathi are historical fiction, the story would actually follow the person, the myth is about and all their adventures not some demigods at the present age. I do love some historical fiction, but everything I have read in that genre has been about western hemisphere. While I was browsing through my college library, I saw the book-‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ and I turned a few pages, there was this list of characters, which sounded very familiar and a map in the back and it had a beautiful cover so… I had to read it.

Book Review: The Lovely Reckless

I have no idea why I enjoyed reading this book. Half the time I was wondering what the hell am I doing, I could just stop- but I just could not stop reading it. Frankie is a very interesting character. She has so much going on. Once I started reading, I was just sucked into it. Her boyfriend, Noah was brutally murdered in front of her and it has been a couple of months but because of stress and PTSD, she cannot remember the attacker’s face. Her way of dealing with grief, anger and stress was making utterly reckless decisions and not letting anyone help her deal with it. After witnessing his death she realizes that perfect grades, being the perfect daughter and having the “good girl” reputation in school was not everything and she just stopped caring about the consequences. Her mother does not seem to have any idea on how to deal with her. All of this crazy behavior leads her having to move in with her father, who is an undercover cop, transferring to a public school, Monroe.

Book Review: Trust Me, I’m Lying

What kind of a title is “Trust me, I’m lying”, right? After reading the book, it makes perfect sense. Characters: Julep our protagonist is a 16-year-old grifter. Grifters are professional con artists. She has been learning all the tricks of the trade from her father. Nobody really knows what they do because if they did, they would not really be pros, right? She is the perfect sassy protagonist with con artist skills, what else do you need? It was really fun to get inside her mind. I kind of wish we could be friends. Sam is the dorky nerd guy in the friend-zone. He reminded me very much of Simon from ‘The Mortal Instruments’. It is so clear that he likes Julep, like are you really that blind, Julep? Tyler is the new guy with all the charms.

Book Review: Tell the Wind and Fire

This book is a retelling ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens. I probably would have appreciated this book more if I had read that one. The blurb sounded so promising so I was reasonably excited getting into this book. However, I think it is safe to say that it was a huge disappointment. I tried so hard to like this book. The idea behind this was great but there were just too much chaos and confusion. SO MUCH CHAOS AND CONFUSION. Not like actual chaos in the story, even though there is plenty of that, I mean like no smooth transition from one part of the story to another.