Curse of The Sphinx by Raye Wagner

curse of the sphinx: Book review

curse of the sphinx

Title: Curse of the Sphinx/ Cursed By the Gods
Author: Raye Wagner
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Mythology, Romance
Read/ Not Read (my rec): READ!!


This book is set up in a world similar to the one in Rick Riordan’s books (Percy Jackson series, Trial of Apollo? Anyone? 😀 ), where the Greek gods are still there in Olympus. Then there are demigods, skia – deadly shadow demons from hell, and other mythical creatures; Hope is one of them.
Hope is a Sphinx. She and her mother have been living a life on the run. Hiding from all of the above-mentioned beings and mortals as well. (Mortals that’s us!) All because they are cursed by Apollo.
All her life has been spent moving from one place to another trying to remain hidden, but finally, the curse catches up to her mother. With her mother gone, she has to move to another place and try to find out what exactly happened to her mother all the while hiding from demigods and shadow demons.

My thoughts:

The blurb for this book on Goodreads was the perfect trap for me. REALLY? Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan? Count me the hell in !!
Greek gods, monsters, demigods, action, and romance?? Hell yes…
Worldbuilding & writing:

Probably because I was accustomed to Rick Riordan’s books, I slipped right into this world quite easily. It is set in our world but with the mix of Greek mythology. But in this one, demigods might be the bad guys.
The beginning was brilliant. It starts out from the point of view of Athan, son of Hermes with his dad, in the underworld. The way it started I was absolutely hooked in.

This is how the first line went- “The dead they escorted always cried.”
The rest of the books focuses on the mundane world, with Hope going to a high school. So, no more trips to the underworld. There are some pretty nice action/ fight scenes with the demons to spice thing up a bit. I liked the way it was written.

Hope goes through so much throughout the books. She has to deal with a lot of emotions; grief, loneliness turning into a Sphinx, which reading from her perspective was very interesting. Here is a girl who has to change into a monster. It is something that has been thrust upon her and she has to spend her entire life hiding, running because of it. On top of that- high school.
She is certainly a damsel in distress but she is a strong character with a rational mind.
Though this time around she makes some friends and takes some chances. Hayley, her best friend was really supportive, loyal and I really liked her. And Mr. Stanley was a treat every time she saw him.


Athan and Hope; a demigod and a monster.
In the beginning, I was all for Athan. I was expecting him to be this charming guy with a sass and wicked smile. He did have the demigod charm but not a smart kid that one. I thought he knew about Hope’s secret from the start- when he first met her. So, that might be clouding my judgment.
Since Hope and Athan go to high school together, the high school drama is mostly about their relationship. I did not like most of the things Athan did.
Overall, it was a fast read for me because I am very into this Greek mythology thing if you have not yet noticed 😀 And even with all these books I had not come across one with a Sphinx before. It delivered on the promise of demigods, action, and romance; highly recommended to anyone thirsting for more of those.




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