Book Review: Every Breath

Every Breath- book review

every breath

Title: Every Breath, Book one of Every series

Author: Ellie Marney

Genre: Mystery, YA, Contemporary, Crime

Read/ Not Read(my rec): READ READ READ 😀

I have read all of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, watched BBC’s Sherlock and am currently watching Elementary for no other reason than that it is about Sherlock. Also, a movie with Tony Stark no wait, … Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock. So, it’s pretty safe to say I love Sherlock in general. And by love, I mean borderline obsessed with. So, I come across this book and I was like where have you been my entire life???


Rachel Watts, who is “John Watson” and James Mycroft, who is “Sherlock” is in high school. Rachel just moved to Melbourne and is still having a hard time adjusting to the city life. And James Mycroft is her neighbor, her freaking neighbor!!!. He has the same talents as THE Sherlock Holmes. And even though he is still in high school, apparently he has forensics class.

On one of their walks, they find a dead body, of someone he used to know. And from then on, their adventures begin to solve the murder.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book.

As soon as I read the part about the description about Mycroft’s hair I was so freaking sure I would love this book. This was exactly the shit I was craving for. All the descriptions and feels and everything.

I am not even sure I can give an accurate review of this book. I was just so happy and excited about reading this. Because I was too busy fangirling all over the place.

So, it is not exactly a retelling. The characters know about the original Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and they even talk about them.

It is set in Australia. But of course, James Mycroft is British. And I just could not keep Mark Gatiss’s face out of my head whenever I read ‘Mycroft’ in the book in the beginning. I had to imagine a younger version of Benedict with the same dark curls and very blue eyes.
The crime mystery part was also very believable. The whole teenagers being involved in solving a crime is not exactly easy. Parents keeping too close an eye, not being able to help in an official police investigation, not having enough access to information… blah blah blah. I think all the problems that arise when two teenagers try to assist in a police investigation has been accounted for in this book.

Oh, and the chemistry between James and Rachel is absolutely smashing.

I was so worried the character dynamics between Sherlock and John would be messed up but since this is kind of a spin off, I was so fine with Rachel and James being a couple. They even had a “bookshelf- girl trying to reach a book on the higher shelf- boy reaching that book from behind” moment. Aww… 😀

Even if you are not into Sherlock at all, I think this book is fairly interesting. Two teenagers with awesome chemistry, one of which is a genius boy with a British accent with a passion for forensics solving a murder. Seriously an awesome combination.

Just go ahead and READ this wonderful book.

And here is a quote/ conversation snippet from the book.

“Mai grins at Mycroft. ‘You know that’s slightly ridiculous, don’t you?’
He smiled. ‘Why?’
‘Because. . . because you’re teenagers.’ Mai’s expression says it should be obvious. ‘Mycroft, this isn’t like figuring out who spray-painted some guy’s car. This is murder.’
‘The principles are the same’ he insists.
‘But you’re both minors. And you have no access to police information, no experience, no forensics lab, no authority. . . ’
‘Mai, are you trying to bring me down or something?’
Gus, who usually only gets emotive about things like soccer, suddenly leans forward. ‘I think you should do it.’ He glances at me and Mycroft in turn. ‘This homeless guy, it’s not like his death is going to be a major priority, is it? The police won’t bend over backwards to bring his killer to justice or anything. He was a derelict with no family. So you two are the only ones who even care.”
― Ellie Marney, Every Breath


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