Book Review: The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

the coldest girl in coldtown- book review


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Paranormal, YA

Read/ Not Read (my rec): Read, maybe.

First off, what a weird book. It has this strange vibe to it, almost like a pre apocalyptic vibe, even though there is no imminent danger to the world, by which I mean the fictional world of this book.


So the vampires have come out. However, in this world, being a vampire is kind of like a disease- to some. Once a vampire’s venom gets inside a human’s body, they have 48 hours before the infection sets in. They start getting hungry for blood and prett-ay soon blood thirst gets started in full throttle, which lasts for 80 days.

Once an infected person drinks human blood, they die and come alive as the undead, or vampire. Kind of like the vampires from Vampire diaries and they also burn in sunlight. However, there is no on/off switch for humanity. Once you turn into a vampire, it is permanently turned off. Also no magic or witches elements. It is hard to imagine but very realistic. Like I agree, this is probably exactly what would happen if the vampirism spiraled out of control.

So, the government has set up coldtowns in each city, where quarantined vampires and humans are kept. Once someone enters a coldtown, they can never ever leave. Apparently, they have an internet connection and everything. Life for normal people is actually kind of bad, vampires hunting human at the dead of night is not entirely unheard of. There are all kinds of dangers out there.

The story begins when Tana wakes up to a house full of corpses which used to be her friends and with whom she had partied last night. The only other survivor is Adien, her ex, who is infected. Then she finds and rescues a vampire boy, Gavriel. As insane as it sounds the only way she can save all three of them is to go to Coldtown.

In the beginning, I was like why should I care about what some girl and her stupid ex are doing with a very sexy and mysterious vampire going to the coldtown and all? However, since each new chapter alternated between the current timeline and something of the past and I read more about Tana’s life. The other chapter really gave info about other characters, but it took some time. So it felt like I was reading about strangers for quite a long time.

The characters all took some time to grow on me. Tana is definitely a very brave, caring and strong character with an extreme power of rational thinking under insane situations. I liked Gavriel as soon as I met him. Who would not- he is the sexy hot mysterious vampire. The alternate timeline chapters really gave a lot of insight to other characters.

Now, can we talk about the earth-shattering kiss of Tana and Gavriel? It was so unprecedented and so explosive. I actually had to stop reading the book for a moment and take a breath. I was in my classroom with people around me. It was like all that recklessness that she had bottled up just poured out in that moment. It was hot and technically the only romantic scene in the book.

So, now that that’s out the way… the book is not really focused on romance. There is action, killing, and some pretty-gory scenes. I do not know why I was not excepting so much gore from this book, but considering how the first chapter started, I should have guessed. The kicking ass scenes are very descriptive.

Overall, it was an interesting read. I was a little skeptical in the beginning but after a while, the book really picked up the pace. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in vampires, even though they are not really romanticised in this book. The vampire part was probably my number one incentive to read this book. About the romance part, it did leave me hanging but all other aspects were very well written. I came expecting something and got something completely different but still, I liked it.



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