July overview+ august TBR

July Overview + August TBR

Hello everyone,

Here is an overview for the month of July and my TBR for August.

From the beginning of July, I had accepted that I would not be reading a lot of books this month, taking into account that I had my midterms from 10th to 18th. And foolish me, I had decided to do the Hobonichi Challenge for July. My brain was probably on overdrive trying to balance out my priorities.

I only read three books in the month of July:

Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnightproperty of a noblewoman- book reviewlittle women

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tulchkove

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Property of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steele

But that’s fine. Even with my midterms, I managed to write book reviews of all three of those books.

Apart from that, I watched a decent amount of movies and series that I had to catch up on.

August TBR

I feel like I never read the books on a solid TBR list. There are two types of TBR list; ones that are never ending lists and the other is like a list that has a specific amount that I write down or make a note on my phone or computer, which I plan to read.

I mostly just randomly browse books and pick something that sounds interesting or looks glorious. TBR lists intimidate me, to be honest. 

Nevertheless, this time I am going to make a specific TBR list for August. I hope that this will be a productive month in terms of reading books! 😀

The Monsters Of Verity (duology)

this savage song by Victoria SchwabODD

This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet By Victoria Schwab. I have been waiting for the second to be published for a VERY long time so that I can finally read them together because I hate waiting for the sequels. (Thank God this is only a duology)

To be honest, I have already started reading the first book in this duology and so far, liking it very much. So, I will probably cross them out from my list.

The Selection series

the selection.jpg

Then, I want to read The Selection series. I have heard some very mixed reviews about this series, so… ready to fall into this YA-romance-feels. And I feel like the hype for these books has like already sailed away. I will probably be too late for the party.

Also, if I don’t read these book I will probably re read the Twilight books for like the 50th time. YES. I LOVED TWILIGHT.  They bring me out of my reading slump.

Hopefully, I will read the above-mentioned books unless I really really love the books by Victoria Schwab and go on a reading spree of all her books. 😀

happy reading









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