plot twists i did not see coming

Crazy Plot Twists

Plot twists can only go two ways. Either they can resolve a conflict or they cause even more conflict.
Here is my list of plot twists I did not see coming AT ALL among the books that I read recently.

3. Everything Everything

everything everythingA beautiful debut novel by Nicola Yoon, Everything Everything is a vivid and cute love story of Madeline and Oliver.

Honestly, I was totally expecting a ****@!$#spoiler@!$#**** or something equally !#$spoiler$#@!. The plot twist almost at the end totally changed the story-line. Here’s my review.

2. The Couple Next Door

the couple next door book review

There were many plot twist in this thriller, to say the least. Knowing that this was supposed to be a thriller and suspense book, I should have expected the crazy ending.
The little twist, in the end, was probably the one I had least expected and was more like a terrifying open ending. What am I supposed to do now? I had to pretend like the last chapter did not happen to maintain my sanity. Here’s my review.

1. Gone Girl

gone girl- plot twists


I remember being so surprised with this book. I was not spoiled in any way about this book so, the (main) plot twist was maddeningly shocking.

The thing is, the entire story line is all one plot twist after another until the end.
A truly gripping psychological thriller. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.




Comment below the plot twists you guys least expected to happen! Or if you have some book recommendations with crazy plot twists. 😀


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