property of a noblewoman- book review

Book Review: Property of a Noblewoman

property of a noblewoman- book review

Title: Property of a Noblewoman

Author: Danielle Steel

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Mystery

Read/ Not Read: read

 Plot synopsis:

The story begins with a safety deposit box on the Metropolitan Bank. The safety box in question belonged to Marguerite Wallace Pearson di San Pignelli. As per routine, the contents of the box need to be checked and auctioned off because there was no will present.

Jane Willoughby, an intern at the surrogate’s court and Phillip Lawton, a fine arts expert for Christie auction house both meet during the process.

The contents of the safe-deposit box take everyone by surprise. Tons of Faded photographs of Marguerite that shows her life history, with bright eyes and sad smiles. Old letters and breathtaking collection of magnificent jewelry and stones.

My thoughts:

The characters:

Each of the characters has been done justice by Steel. Each of them has their own backstory and different situations they are going through. As the story unfolds, it ties three generations of people together. Even though some of the things they did was predictable and bland but I totally got the feels from them.

The writing:

It has been a while since I read Steele’s book but this one felt a little different from her other books- but the usual undertone of her writing was still present.

The story unfolds in slow motion exactly focusing on the points that needed to be focused on and highlighting each emotion. It was captivating and smooth. Each new thing that happens brings out new consequences and affects each character in different ways and magnitude. All of which was laid out brilliantly.

The Mystery:

As soon as the box opened, the lives of each character change. The search of the woman leads to the unfolding of the mystery, which reveals forbidden love affair, secrets, and family treachery.

The mystery part does play a significant part in the book- but it is not the main focus of the story and some of it was predictable but I liked it nonetheless.

However, when the actual secret came out, it felt like the same thing was being repeated all over again. It had to be told to each person repeatedly.

Some of the turns the story took were quite predictable but I was pleased that it happened anyway.


I am quite familiar with Steel’s writing style and with a new mystery element, this book was actually quite pleasing. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys her writing.


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