Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnight

Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnight


Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnight

Title: Wink poppy midnight

Author: April Genevieve Tucholke

Genre: YA Mystery

Read/Not read (my rec): Read…maybe

It is a quick read which will suck you in. So why not add it to your TBR? 😀


Look at this freaking cool cover!!! 😀


So I dived into this strange book without knowing anything at all about it, its author or even its genre. I only picked it up because the cover is just so beautiful and I really wanted to know what the title actually meant. I figured it would be something related to magic or magic realism.

Let me tell you, this book is weird AF. In the beginning, I was all about accepting the weirdness and going with the flow. Halfway through I was sick with all that was happening and then by the end, I was tired of all the whiplashes of all the weird things that were happening and scratching my head at all the confusion.

What it is about:

So, get this, Wink, Poppy and Midnight are names of persons, and this book tells their story. It alternates between these characters point of views and the story unfolds.

It is interesting, so interesting that I almost could not stop reading after I started reading it. If not for doing human things like going to class and sleeping I would have finished it in a single sitting.

So here is what happens:

There is a boy who likes a girl, who is “miss popular” and vain and evil who likes another boy. And he finds a second girl who seems to be normal and good. But the second girl turns out to be seven hells of weirdness and is all about making stories and reading tarot cards and stuff. And all this stuff is not considered to be weird at all.

And then, the first girl is not happy with the situation and she is about to be doing all sorts of evil things. But then the other girl might also not be that good and the guy is just like following along.

This book will have you believe in one thing and after you realize that, something else was actually happening.

I actually liked reading Poppy’s point of view rather than Wink’s or Midnight’s. Wink was just too weird. Midnight just made me feel sick, that is how he is usually feeling. And Poppy is a mystery and everybody likes mysteries.

Did I like it?

I did. The thing is, this book just took me places. Maybe it’s just me, but I saw the scenes so vividly. I just got totally sucked into this book, the places, the hayloft, Midnight’s bedroom, the haunted house, the bridge and the fire. It’s just written in a mysterious and BEAUTIFUL way which felt like magic realism.

It is refreshing and will leave your head reeling and feeling like what on earth is freaking going on
??? am I the only one not getting this? What??? Did I read that right? Ohh…so wait.. what again.

And give you goosebumps, at least I got goosebumps and chills down my spine.

In the end, it is kind of a sad and weird story, mostly weird. Some things fell into place and some did not and something entirely unexpected happened.

I never knew if I got all the things that were happening or not. I still do not know. I have to process things.

“And eventually I realized that the reason I felt so peaceful was because Wink wasn’t taking stock. She wasn’t trying to figure out if I was sexy, or cool, or funny, or popular. She just stood in front of me and let me keep on being whoever I really was. And no one had ever done that for me before, except maybe my parents,”
― April Genevieve Tucholke, Wink Poppy Midnight


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